Musées royaux d'art et d'histoire / Parc de Cinquantenaire 10, 1000 Brussels /

Headless statue of a barbarian, nr. inv. A 1164.

Place of Discovery: Unknown; Somzée collection. Entered in 1904 in the Musées d'art et d'histoire royaux with a portion of the old Somzée collection.

Material: white marble.

Dimensions: height 0, 72 m

State of preservation: restoration of the legs and plinth. The head is missing. The back of the statue is finished.

Date: probably IInd century AD. The statue is made quite rudimentary, belonging rather to the provincial style than to the Roman official art.

Typology: Probably a Dacian: the characteristical suite and the hand position can be found in representations of Dacians. The character is wearing a short sleeved tunic, tightened at the middle with a belt that is partially hidden by the garment folds, and wide trousers, which had to be tightened under the ankle. It is also noted a long-sleeved shirt, worn under tunic. Over the tunic, he wears a long coat, clipped on the right shoulder and that wraps the left arm. He places his right hand on left fist. The statue, being broken and restored at the legs level, does not preserve, unfortunately, any trace allowing the footwear of the character to be identified.