Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek / Dantes Plads 7, 1556 København V / glyptoteket.dk

Bust of a Dacian (Capilatus), Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, nr. 676, inv. nr 1293

Place of Discovery: unknown; this sculpture comes from the Giustiniani collection.

Material: marble.

Dimensions: total height of the head 0.52 m.

State of preservation: the head is ancient, the top of thorax is ancient; the neck is completed and it is difficult to prove that the head belongs to this bust. The bottom of the nose, the upper lip, part of the mustache, the chin, the lower lip and the occipital area to the back of ears, are modern.

Date: Late period of the reign of Trajan (98-117 AD) - beginning of the reign of Hadrian (117-138 AD).


Head of a Dacian (Capilatus), Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, nr 677, inv. nr 1697

Place of Discovery: unknown; formerly the sculpture was with an antiques dealer in Florence called Bardani. Then the sculpture belonged to the Borghese family in Rome.

Material: white marble of Italian origin.

Dimensiuni: height 0.44 m

State of preservation: the nose is modern; the whole head is quite well preserved and is of high artistic quality. The pupils are not deepened, but only suggested by circles.

Date: middle of the reign of Trajan.