Editorial event: the release of the book

Dacians in the Roman Sculpture. A study of antique iconography

The Association of Contemporary Identity and Culture (AICC) and the magazine Historia organized on the 1st of October 2015, at ARCUB Hall, the release of the volume Dacians in the Roman Sculpture. A study of antique iconography’, signed by Leonard Velcescu, who has a PHD in the history of arts and archeology. This volume also appeared at the Romanian Academy Publisher. The event moderator was Ion M. Ioniță – editor-in-chief at the magazine Historia. 

Leonard Velcescu, a researcher in the history of art, obtained the title of doctor at  École Pratique des Hautes Études, in Sorbona (2000). The book was originally written in French and in 2012 it won the prize "Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi" from the Romanian Academy. This present edition represents a premiere for the Romanian public. 

Dr. Leonard Velcescu, who is also a researcher at The University Perpignan (France), has been studying for more than 20 years the Dacian statues made by Romanian sculptors. This sculptures have been made in the period of Trajan’s rule (98-117 d.Hr.), a period which is considered by the historians the apogee of roman arts. These statues of great artistic value are not well-known in Romania and they were initially created to decorate Trajan’s Forum in Rome. Today they can be found in famous museums all over the world: Paris, Versailles, Florenţa, Londra, New York or Ierusalim.

Leonard Velcescu is the honorary president of AICC with whom he created the virtual musem www.statuidedaci.ro. The site presents photos and descriptions of statues that have been studied by the reasercher Leonard Velcescu and also details about the places where they can be found. AICC also developed a mobile application Statui de Daci which can be downloaded for free on Play Store and iTunes. 

The Association of Contemporan Identity and Culture is a non-governmental organziation which develops projects that are meant to contribute to the promotion of Romanian culture and also to spread informations about Romania.

The magazine Historia, part of the media coporation Adevărul is the most read publication in Romania, an expression of the particular interest that the Romanian public has for the national and universal history.