Izmir Arkeolojik Müzesi / Manisa Merkez, Murat Cad. 81, Manisa / kultur.gov.tr

Izmir (ancient Smyrna, port in Turkey, at the Aegean sea), in the garden of the Basmane Museum inv.? (foto după J.Keil)

Place of discovery: Efez (ancient city of Ionia, at the Aegean sea), in the northwestern part of a room of the Eastern gymnasium, around 1764.

Material: pavonazzetto marble.

Dimensions: height 2.75 m, originally the sculpture together with the head was approx. 3.15 m high.

State of conservation: the following parts of the statue are missing: head, neck, right arm, left hand. The bottom part of the feet is damaged, the surface of the sculpture is degraded.

Date: probably in Severan period, 193-235 AD (Septimius Severus, Caracala, Geta Elagabal and Severus Alexander).

Typology: Dacian.